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Young Blood by Enchantress Jun 21, 2020 21:36:29 GMT -8
A romantic meeting place for star-crossed lovers. Legend has it that an heiress to an ancient clan fell in love with the heir to the king of a great tribe. While their love was forbidden, the couple would often sneak away to this naturally carved stone structure jutting out over the great Abathandi Crossing with infinite celestial bodies bearing witness to the union. Legend has it the couple fled the world that kept them apart and wound up leaping off the tower and being swept up to the heavens on a divine wind. 2
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never going back [enchantress] by Enchantress Jul 18, 2020 15:42:04 GMT -8
On either side of the silvery stream, great columnar pines soar straight up from the earth, reaching high towards the stars. The shade beneath the great spires is cool and slightly moist, the air tinges with the scent of pitch and wet earth. From the finger-like boughs reaching out of trunks drapes bright green moss. Ferns nestle among the joints in trees and between the serpentine roots, sprouting as dark emerald fans to punctuate the ethereal carpet of moss that covers nearly everything. Even at the sun’s highest peak in summer, only the moss seems to absorb the light, looking almost unnaturally bright. And like light, it absorbs sound as well, muffling voices and the laughing of the brook. It’s cool here, and quiet and dark. As if not even the birds or the wind dare to disturb the ethereal temple beneath the canopy. 3
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Following the Temple's silvery brook upstream leads to the mother river and to the wide mouth of an old cavern cut deep into the canyon belly. The arms of stalagmites and stalactites desperately reach out to one another as lover's do when miles apart. Pining and separated hopefuls come here to give tribute in exchange for the peace that love will find them anew. The sun paints the water here a turquoise hue, shallow and filling the width of the chamber save for a rise leading to a wide, pale pillar stomped with hoof marks. Brilliant blooms and sweet smelling grasses rest upon its crown: the offerings of visitors who came before you. It is clear someone tends to this makeshift altar for each item looks and smells fresh. As to who that caretaker may be, none can say. Some suspect it to be the work of the unicorns. 0

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