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Shadow in the night by Harlequin Aug 14, 2020 16:51:14 GMT -8
A winding S-shaped stream, fed by overhead mountain springs, trickles along nonchalantly on its way through the meadow; cutting it and the forest in half, its wake finally find themselves being gently deposited at the deep end of the wood's verge. Namely, this so-called enchanted Moon Pool. 5
No New Posts Wind in the Willows
satan, meet hellspawn [enchantress] by Enchantress Aug 22, 2020 0:20:56 GMT -8
There is a bend in the river where the water slows down and sweeps wide in a slow, swirling eddy, carving a wide, placid section between the green banks. The willows grow here, the weeping willows that reach out their rough and twisted boughs, sometimes out over the river. Their smaller branches hang in thick curtains and thin veils both, stirring in the breezes, calling in soft whispers to those who wish to seek solitude or privacy behind their leaves. In the spring, they are bright green, full of life, in the summer, their veils are at their most luscious. In the fall, the curtains turn to gold and yellow, and when the leaves are gone, only naked tendrils drape to the ground, sometimes covering with frost and icicles, freezing to the ground to form private ice palaces in the cold. 4
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In essence, the foil to the Moon Pool. This gray-green swamp is constantly coated with a sinister-looking mist that hides the bones of long dead horses, poisoned by the waters or trapped and starved to death. Scraggly trees and bushes peek out on occasion, but for the most part this place is little more than a toxic wasteland. 0

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