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We Are Legends by Enchantress Jun 20, 2020 12:12:04 GMT -8
The Hall of Skies is a hedge maze of stone. Composed of broken archways and crumbling corridors, these ruins have been around longer than any horse. No one knows their prior purpose, but there is something eerie about the decaying silence of faded stone and cracked concrete. Though the decrepit walls still stand tall all around, there is no roof to speak of - only the blue sky of day and the stars at night. 2
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Eerie ruins of a lost age and time, these ancient rock towers have been carved by relentless sandstorms, wind and death, carving faces into what was once a grand mountain. This seemingly abandoned kingdom rests at the heart of Death Desert. There are precarious gorges that features a dizzying drop into utter darkness. Some young and foolish souls has dared to attempt the challenge: to cross the narrow rock wall that descended as a twisting path into the gloomy and nebulous crevasse. So far, none of the adventurers who tried has ever come back or lived to tell about it.

Beware. Do not count on always finding this mysterious landmark for it has been known to disappear at times beneath ever shifting sands. Watch your footing, lest you find yourself plunging head first into this endless maze.
No New Posts l'Oasis Paradisiaque
Shimmering Platinum [Open] by Talis Dec 13, 2020 5:59:06 GMT -8
This heavenly oasis sits at the southwestern side of Death Desert, nestled at the base of a particularly tall sand dune. It is shrouded at times by shifting mirages common to the region, easily hidden in shadows when the sun is still on its eastern morning course. Palm trees frame the pool of water, offering shade from the fierce desert rays. Shrubs and various desert vegetation also dot around the pool, seeking life from the natural spring. 3

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