No New Posts Mount Meditatio
First Steps by Enchantress Nov 30, 2020 23:00:59 GMT -8
Mount Meditatio is exactly what it is: a mountain of meditation. Secluded and soaring high above the dims and dunes of the noise far down below, this majestic peak holds firm on its stillness and solitude. Hence does it prompts many a weary loner to ascend its cliffs and crags, to approach the zenith and obtain the peace of mind through complete silence. This dome is a place of sanctuary for all. 4
No New Posts Dead Ends Canyon
Shadows of the past by Enchantress Jul 12, 2020 18:55:21 GMT -8
This canyon hidden deep within the Ringed Mountains is appropriately named, as there are many tunnels and paths that lead to absolutely nowhere. At the very end lies the Rocky Ruins, the place best known for its eerie, tangible history of the legendary Kingdom of Zylle, which is now understood as those non-living horses of the past.

Watch your step. Danger lurks.
No New Posts Dragon's Mouth
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Somewhere along the mountains down a narrow path is a cave that sort of looks like a dragon with it’s mouth open. Jagged rocks form spiky teeth that help give the feeling that any moment now the beast is going to swallow any who dare enter up. The land around the cave is full of narrow paths that only the sure hoofed should really venture. There are some areas with ledges farther down under the paths which give some comfort should someone fall, but that doesn’t give much comfort. Still this land is often used as a training ground to hone in how to have graceful hoofing. Overall the view is to die for as well which is proven by the bones that litter the bottom of the cliffs. Inside the cave it isn’t as bad. The cavern leads off into a tunnel that twists and turns until the hard ground gives way to water slowly building up in the form of small pools of warm water someplace deep within the darkness. In the caves these hot springs can be found in it isn’t as dark as one might assume as somehow light is able to get in from the ceiling and bounces off of small crystals found within the bottom of the pools. 0

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